Coronavirus (COVID-19): Resumption of oral hearings

Friday 10, July 2020

Protocol 2A(a) for hearings by video link has been published. Please see the Best Practice Protocols page.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hearings by video link

Parties must present their cases by video link. This requires the submission of any written material several days in advance of the hearing itself. The submission of material should ordinarily be made electronically. Only in exceptional cases should material be submitted on paper. Please note that the same time limits apply to electronic and paper submissions (see Protocol 2A(a) for details).

ALL postal contact with the Tribunal should be addressed to our Newport office. Material sent to our other offices is subject to redirection by Royal Mail, and it will be subject to delay.

Valuation Tribunal for Wales
22 Gold Tops
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ALL telephone contact with the Tribunal is now through 01633 255003. Please do not use any other number.

Our general email contact is: correspondencevaluationtribunalwales

Disposal of appeals by written representations

The Tribunal is continuing to undertake the disposal of appeals under its formal Written Representation procedures. These procedures obviate the need for an oral hearing. However they can only be undertaken where all parties have entered into an agreement to proceed in this way. The Tribunal encourages parties to enter into such an agreement wherever possible. Please contact the Tribunal if you would like to know more about how these procedures operate.

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